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Savage vibrations in ghost stories and D. H. Lawrence’s Kangaroo
Shelley Trower

displacement of populations through its participation in the mass emigrations to South Africa, Australia and other parts of the British Empire, following the decline of Cornwall’s mining industry, 6 so comparisons between Cornwall and overseas colonies need to be made cautiously. Cornwall is not simply a victim of colonisation; its own problematic, post-industrial economy meant that its population

in Rocks of nation
Marie Mulvey-Roberts

staged during the 1880s, when anti-Semitism was rife in Britain, exacerbated by the mass emigration of Eastern Jews into the East End of London. The actor’s biographer, John Davis, was at pains to separate character from actor by pointing out that Irving ‘has nothing Jewish in him by nature – a little narrowness about the eyes perhaps, but that is due to short sight’. He goes on to quote from a ‘very

in Dangerous bodies