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Zombie pharmacology In the Flesh
Linnie Blake

fence to ensure that any straggling brain-eaters stay out. Even with the series’ Victus Party championing the rights of the living at a national level and exerting a phenomenal degree of control over local policies and practices, the Roartonians are, by their very nature, isolationist. Theirs is Fortress Roarton, the fence evoking contemporary British efforts to stem mass migration to the country

in Neoliberal Gothic
Marie Mulvey-Roberts

in Europe, particularly Russia, led to mass migration. Literature of the fin de siècle , such as Dracula , saw the rise of invasion narratives. Fears of miscegenation penetrated British culture, arousing anxieties over the crypto-Jew, whose assimilation into mainstream society was seen as a threat to ideals of racial purity. Pogroms and persecutions, which kept the Jewish race in an endless

in Dangerous bodies