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) on an individual bank basis shows that, at end-1985, there were almost identical numbers of net lenders and net borrowers…. Twelve banks of various nationalities, out of a total of 472 reporting inter­ national business, accounted for half of all net international interbank lending, and 37 for three-quarters.9 So, not only was the setting of rates in some collective way familiar, but the context of banking in London was one in which the emergence of LIBOR as an interest rate benchmark seemed appropriate, given the size the market for interbank lending and the

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Scale of demand and the role of competences

overseas competition, but for others the consequence of the late UK start in the software has also meant that the stiffest competition they face is from US competitors. This is clear from table 8.4. Table 8.4 Nationality of the main overseas competitors No. of serious competitors 1–2 3–5 Over 5 US firms 12 6 1 European firms 7 2 – Other firms 3 1 1 Evolution of the UK software market 153 Competition, competitive strategies and barriers to growth of firms in the UK software sector The discussion thus far has shown that, as a whole, the UK software industry has been

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