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falls into his hands, when the provisions of the Prisoners of War Convention come into operation 8 and the various provisions for recording the details of those captured or dead apply. It is, however, open to the parties to the conflict to make special arrangements concerning the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, other than those relating to prisoners of war generally, provided they do not adversely affect the position of

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Margaret Brazier and Emma Cave

withdrawal’) 182 from minimally conscious state. In cases falling into the latter category, best interests are assessed by the ‘balance sheet’ approach. 183 On the facts before them, the court ruled in favour of preserving life. While the ‘do not attempt CPR’ notice should continue, assisted nutrition and hydration should be maintained. Rigorous collection of evidence is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis. In St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust v P and Q 184 family members took video recordings to dispute the hospital’s contention that the patient was in a

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