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Sean Campbell and Gerry Smyth

the unique ‘stronghold’ that punk enjoyed in Ulster.12 The late Clash front man, Joe Strummer, for example, would maintain that punk supplied ‘the perfect soundtrack’ to what he called the north’s ‘ravaged cities’.13 In similar vein McLoone has claimed that Belfast and punk were effectively ‘made for one M1426 - COULTER TEXT.qxp:GRAHAM Q7 17/7/08 08:02 Page 237 From shellshock rock to ceasefire sounds 237 another’, suggesting, ‘If there was an element of “the abject” about punk . . . there was no more abject place in the Western world than Northern Ireland

in Northern Ireland after the troubles
Harry Blutstein

declaration was dedicated to dealing with ‘development and poverty eradication’, committing the UN to ‘spare no effort to free our fellow men, women and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty’.29 At the end of the session, leaders of 147 countries signed the Declaration, and soon after, all other members of the UN supported its recommendations, as did twenty-­three international organisations. Annan knew member countries had seldom honoured prior pledges, which had undermined earlier attempts of the UN to rally the world community to tackle

in The ascent of globalisation
Rosie Meade

, false consciousness, the place of the intellectual in social struggle, and the meaning and political value of resistance. In the following pages I try to explain why I regard The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (TRTP) as a classic activist text, focusing on what I consider to be its most compelling themes. Doubtless, many readers will feel little connection to either the historical setting or the abject living conditions that it describes – in our time the anodyne phrase ‘social exclusion’ trumps ‘poverty’ in policy and public discourses. More problematically, TRTP

in Mobilising classics
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Bernadette Connaughton

to the opponents of conservation measures, namely, ‘Protesting would stop the restriction coming even after the ten years. And protest they have’ (Morris, 2011 ). When viewed over time the bogs debate also illustrates the abject failure of the enforcement of the habitats directive. From a time a landowner is notified of the proposal to designate a site as an SAC, the site enjoys full protection. It is clear that this protection has been theoretical and not always implemented in practice. Given the lack of resources and staff available to

in The implementation of environmental policy in Ireland
Dominic Bryan, S. J. Connolly and John Nagle

Republic, where Sean Lemass, succeeding as Taoiseach in 1959, had abandoned the protectionist economic policies of the preceding three decades in favour of a strategy of directly encouraging foreign investment. Along with the commitment to modernisation came a more pragmatic attitude to Partition, symbolised when he and O’Neill exchanged official visits, first in Belfast and then in Dublin, in January and February of 1965. An important part of the background to these developments was the abject failure of a new attempt to revive the tradition of

in Civic identity and public space
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‘Mister Putin, you are a butcher’
Sue-Ann Harding

true and the alarm of that first evening is finally realised, Kavkazcenter continues to connect the two narratives. ‘The events that took place in Nord-Ost are being repeated here,’ the site reports. ‘The Alpha group are destroying [ уничтожает ] 17 hostages’ (III/14:30). It also points out the abject failure of the authorities to disconnect the narratives with their assurances that there would be no

in Beslan
Aaron Edwards

aspects of political life. In her maiden speech Bernadette Devlin indicted the Unionist MP for Londonderry for failing to alleviate the abject poverty and deprivation visited on the divided working class in the city’s Bogside, Creggan and Fountain estates. 106 The fact that some kind of gerrymandering did exist has since been proven. 107 But it often worked both ways and more often to the detriment of non-Unionists – a group which, contrary to popular belief, also included socialists, liberals, labourists and non-conformists of varying religious and political hues

in A history of the Northern Ireland Labour Party