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Pragmatism between rationalism and sentimentality 
Robert W. Lake

of the powerless are always more valid than those of the powerful, and in Power Politics the reverse is often the case. In neither instance is the assertion of knowledge amenable to debate, dissension or the voicing of alternative viewpoints. Thus the quote I used at the start of this chapter: “Anyone claiming to tell me the absolute truth is demanding from me unquestioning submission” ( Vattimo, 2014 , 77). Openness, inquiry and learning are stifled when the authoritarian claim that ‘there is no alternative’ prevails. Both forms of authoritarian knowledge “short

in The power of pragmatism
Louise Amoore

response to irresistible pressures. It is but a short step from this inevitabilism to the assertion that there is no alternative for states and societies but to adapt and restructure their policies, structures and practices. For the scholars writing at the peak of post-war growth, the most significant transition was considered to be that from traditional to industrial society. This shift represented the underlying movement in all state-societies as they responded to external pressures. Talcott Parsons’ systems-centred social theory sought to understand the adaptation of

in Globalisation contested