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Heikki Patomäki

only if it could be shown that there is no alternative to the use of violence. Ultimately, the legal and moral arguments for the NATO war against Yugoslavia come down to this TINA (there-is-no-alternative) view. If I am right that the remaining unacceptable issue at the end of the Rambouillet negotiations was Appendix B of the agreement, the TINA claim is not only false; it is ridiculous. Also

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
Paving the path for a new identity
Christine Agius

policies diluted the welfare state in the USA and benefits were provided by the employer, not the government. Similarly, in the UK, Thatcher’s efforts to restore market discipline were coupled with a strong anti-welfare state proclivity. Furthermore, under Thatcherism, the market was the only solution – summed up neatly in the catchphrase ‘ there is no alternative’ . France pursued a state-led response

in The social construction of Swedish neutrality
An interview with Sean O hUiginn
Graham Spencer

situations are unhappy in their own way. You can deduce some basic maxims that apply to all situations, but only on a level of generality that is not of great practical value. Tony Blair’s autobiography has a chapter which makes a valiant effort to list them. In practice there is no alternative to exploring all the quirks and dimensions of the individual conflict and designing a solution that is tailored to measure. We did do studies of other conflicts which might have lessons for Northern Ireland, but found Tolstoy’s rule also

in Inside Accounts, Volume I
Leslie C. Green

. Sun Tzu maintained 6 that in war one should attack the enemy armies. And ‘the worst policy is to attack cities. Attack cities only when there is no alternative.’ In ancient India the sacred writings sought to introduce some measure of humanitarianism. The Mahabharata 7 stated that ‘a king should never do such an injury to a foe as would rankle the latter’s heart’, and

in The contemporary law of armed conflict
Mark Webber

] minimise the potential risks and damage to Russia’s […] interests and, second, to find here advantages for ourselves and turn them to good account. Here […] there is no alternative approach but to build up equal cooperation with the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 35 Europe

in Inclusion, exclusion and the governance of European Security