’s perception of security reflected the views of whoever was head of mission at the time. The heads of mission in Yemen and Pakistan were very experienced but had different backgrounds and views. For the teams in Afghanistan – specialists in risk reduction for drug users, with no experience in a war context – the context was so complex that luck was the only thing that mattered when it came to security management. The MdM logo was the only reminder that the teams in the three missions worked for the same organisation. My first task in standardising practices and strengthening

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Background In peacetime, when diplomatic relations are broken off between two countries, or when one is not represented in the territory of the other, the normal practice is for the unrepresented one to nominate a third state acceptable to the recipient to represent its interests and protect its nationals in the recipient’s territory. 2 Occasionally both states may request

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of war crimes and crimes against humanity because of its assistance to Serb guerrillas pursuing a policy of ‘ethnic cleansing’, particularly against Moslems, in parts of Bosnia. However, a Detaining Power may transfer protected persons to another party to the Convention if satisfied that the latter will abide by the Convention, and if this is not complied with it may request their retransfer, which

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Historical background War crimes are violations of the and customs of the law of armed conflict and are punishable whether committed by combatants or civilians, including the nationals of neutral states. 2 Occasionally the term has been used to include acts like espionage 3 or war treason 4

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sport can act as a tool to promote more tolerant attitudes towards specific groups in European society such as ethnic minorities and the disabled. Third, sporting platforms can help promote an awareness of the environment. Fourth, sport is inextricably linked to public health as participation in sport is an important preventative weapon in the fight against ill health. Fifth, a major issue in European and world sport is doping. The document argues that the EU lacks competence to act in doping matters but action can be taken in the context of other policy areas (such

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