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Nordic Gothic and transcultural adaptation

for this film adaptation and it was directed by Tomas Alfredson. Riget and Låt den rätte komma in have also spawned American adaptations, which will be discussed together and compared with von Trier's and Lindqvist's Nordic Gothic productions in this chapter. Based on von Trier's TV series, Stephen King developed Kingdom Hospital (ABC 2004, thirteen episodes) with von Trier as one of the executive producers. Kingdom Hospital was the first American adaptation of a Danish TV series, 2

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Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and radical ecology

environmental activism, particularly as manifest in the contemporary social movement against man-made climate change, can be conceived as a Gothic politics invoking the malevolent spectre of a cataclysmic eco-apocalypse, which can only be averted through drastic societal transformation and the development of a new ecological sensibility. The sublime threat posed by a significant rise in

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E.J. Clery and Robert Miles

person has of his safety. In order to have this liberty, it is requisite the government be so constituted as one man need not be afraid of another’ (p. 163). Political liberty was ‘to be found only in moderate governments’ (p. 161). The key to such moderation was a constitution in which the principal powers of government (the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary) were separate and balanced

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From White Zombie to World War Z

community. ‘Globalgothic’, questioning how far Western forms can be adapted to or opened up by specific cultural traditions, traces some of the tensions evinced in postcolonial criticism. But globalgothic does not simply repeat postcolonial questions in asserting local specificities against overpowering and tyrannically imposed political, economic and cultural systems, its empires writing back darkly by

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Queer As Folk and the geo-ideological inscription of gay sexuality

citizens, that one might identify the gay community’s ideological position as complicit with the rhetoric and aims of ‘political correctness’. Queer As Folk had its first broadcast in 1999–2000 on Channel 4 television, screened in eight hour-long episodes. The series was made by the Manchester-based independent company Red Production, the producer and executive producer was Nicola Shindler and the series’s creator and co-producer was Russell T. Davies. The directors were Charles McDougall and Sarah Harding. The series starred Aidan Gillen as Stuart Jones, Craig

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E.J. Clery and Robert Miles

5.1 ‘Demophilius’, The Genuine Principles of the Ancient Saxons, or English Constitution (1776) Published in Philadelphia on the eve of the American Revolution, this anonymous collection makes clear how central a Saxon/Gothic genealogy was to revolutionary politics. J. G. A. Pocock notes that ‘Thomas Jefferson wanted to place Hengist and

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The case of Pier Paolo Pasolini

does its work through Carlo 1 and Eni’s as well as various political parties’ affiliation with the Mafia. The other side of impurity is the splitting of Carlo 1 (who, as an Eni executive, belongs to the ruling class) into Carlo 2 (who is a middle-class heterosexual engineer). Carlo 2 is driven by incestuous desires: he has sexual intercourse with his mother, grandmother and his sisters. The identity

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-time friend and fellow Dog Company member Peter Atkins, with Barker remaining on as executive producer, passing the directorial mantle to newcomer Tony Randel. Hellbound: Hellraiser II ( 1988 ) suffered from an enormous and unforeseen budget cut due to the financial shock of Black Monday in October 1987, when stock markets and currencies plummeted. A whole sequence exploring the inner world of Hell had

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Global ecoGothic and the world-ecology in Rana Dasgupta’s Tokyo Cancelled

externalized nature and internal human nature serves to rationalize human domination of the material world, but also threatens an eventual revolt of nature. 2 Adapting Fredric Jameson’s theory of the political unconscious, Adrian Ivakhiv has called for a ‘global-meteorological reading practice’ of the ‘geopolitical unconscious’ in order to reverse ‘ecological unconscionization’, the

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true fin de siècle spirit of cultural pessimism and spiritual malaise’ ( 1997 : 208), is joined by other cultural commentators in unpacking the Gothic’s renaissance in the US during the final decade of the twentieth century. For instance, Mark Edmundson finds the discourses of the Gothic present in ‘media renderings of the O.J. Simpson case, in [America’s] political discourse, in our modes of therapy

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