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Humanitarianism in a Post-Liberal World Order

, 1990 : 11). When faced with Trump, Xi Jinping, Orban, Erdogan, Putin, Assad, Duterte, non-liberals all, how can the argument for neutrality be successful? They see opponents not as legitimate competitors protected by a set of institutional rules that limit the scope of conflict but as threats to be eliminated. Chantal Mouffe differentiates ‘the political’ from ‘politics’: the political is the sphere of existential conflict over the nature of the state where the most basic institutions of the system itself are fought over ( Mouffe, 2005 : chap

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

: A mass-market retail service by wire or radio that provides the capability to transmit data to and receive data from all or substantially all Internet endpoints … This term also encompasses any service that the Commission finds to be providing a functional equivalent of the service described in the previous sentence, or that is used to evade the

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policies were designed to achieve: functional separation BT local loop and other businesses in the Telecoms Strategic Review 2004/05 and BT Undertakings 2006, resulting in lower local loop access prices for BT competitors, hastening BT roll-out of ADSL and then VDSL. a ‘Transparency and Switching’ solution to any consumer issues. Because the inventor of the World

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