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Adrian Millar

sustaining repressed racism, homosexuality, etc. Jokes disclose what is publicly unacknowledged or censored. Likewise, appearances, a type of fantasmic support, are also a crucial hallmark of mainstream ideologico-political discourse as it wishes to appear tolerant etc. Appearances give the illusion of freedom or tolerance, but unwritten rules actually forbid certain things from happening. In this sense

in Socio-ideological fantasy and the Northern Ireland conflict
Torbjørn L. Knutsen

Romanies (or gypsies), plus disabled people, homosexuals and Jehovah’s Witnesses. The immediate goals of Britain, the USSR and the USA were to stop Germany; to destroy the Nazi war machine and remove the Hitler regime with its imperial ambitions. The ‘United Nations alliance’ (as Roosevelt called it) presented a united face of solidarity to the world. The Soviets dismantled the Communist International (the Comintern) as a symbol of good faith. Stalin put aside his Marxist–Leninist rhetoric and refrained from his previous calls for revolution. Roosevelt, on his

in A history of International Relations theory (third edition)
Alexander Spencer

the other hand, Lawrence is characterized at times as tormented, sexually deviant, masochistic, mentally unstable, cold-blooded, fascist, vain and childish (Anderegg 1982: 292; Caton 1999: 176). As Macfie (2007: 85) points out: Lean and Bolt, far from identifying Lawrence as the typical, Western masculine hero, and the Arab as the necessarily effeminate other, as the orientalist paradigm requires, actually represent him as sexually deviant (possible a homosexual), a sadist and a masochist, albeit one who succeeds at the cost of his mental stability in transforming

in Romantic narratives in international politics
Abstract only
Claire Sutherland

1954–58), for instance, were designed to stage large-scale processions (Till 2005 , 85) as a means of legitimation by acclamation (Nothnagle 1999 ). West German war memorials, by contrast, focused more on victims of persecution whose identity as Jews, Roma and homosexuals among others was more to the fore than their political persuasion. The German Historical Museum The fall of the Berlin Wall

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