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Constance Duncombe

opportunist always looking towards the future. Common experiences of civil religion, migration and belief in the Promised Land, which are further articulated through mass engagement with popular culture, compose its identity. It is important to analyse US state identity because how a state represents itself is key to producing images of state Self and Other that act to reinforce or reimagine frameworks of identity. Projections of US identity inform the foreign policy direction of the state. Before we can understand the role that recognition plays in the process

in Representation, recognition and respect in world politics
Christopher Ansell and Jacob Torfing

in the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy. They found that Brussels-based diplomats in the Political and Security Committee play a prominent gatekeeping role in these networks. Wunderlich ( 2012 ) uses SNA to map the communication linkages in European external migration policy. Other networks operate more like advocacy coalitions. Elgström ( 2016 ) finds that EU foreign policy is strongly influenced by policy networks of member-states who tend to share particular perspectives—they are “like-minded.” These networks tend to be open and

in Foreign policy as public policy?
Abstract only
Foreign policy as public policy
Klaus Brummer, Sebastian Harnisch, Kai Oppermann and Diana Panke

change, migration, public health, or internet governance, that cut across policy domains and are still predominantly but not exclusively addressed by state foreign policy. Moreover, a growing number of traditional foreign policy concerns (and the quality thereof) have unintended consequences in adjacent policy areas (interdependence effects), requiring cross-realm solutions. For example, in the realm of internet governance the emergence of high-powered transnational search engine providers, such as Google, have raised a host of privacy concerns, most notably in Europe

in Foreign policy as public policy?
Jeroen Joly and Friederike Richter

American Political Science Review 93(2), 327–344. Feely, T. Jens (2002) The Multiple Goals of Science and Technology Policy, in Frank R. Baumgartner and Bryan D. Jones (eds.) Policy Dynamics , Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 125–154. Green-Pedersen, Christoffer and Sebastiaan Princen (2016) Punctuated Equilibrium Theory, in Nikolaos Zahariadis (ed.) Handbook of Public Policy Agenda Setting , Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 69–86. Guiraudon, Virginie (2000) European Integration and Migration Policy: Vertical Policy-Making as Venue Shopping, Journal of

in Foreign policy as public policy?
Kai Oppermann and Klaus Brummer

Alons, Gerry C. (2007) Predicting a State’s Foreign Policy: State Preferences between Domestic and International Constraints, Foreign Policy Analysis 3(3), 211–232. Alscher, Stefan, Johannes Obergfell and Stefanie Ricarda Roos (2015) Migrationsprofil Westbalkan: Ursachen, Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze , Working Paper 63, Nürnberg: Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge. Basinger, Scott J. and Hallerberg, Mark (2004) Remodeling the Competition for Capital: How Domestic Politics Erases the Race to the Bottom

in Foreign policy as public policy?
Constance Duncombe

British regional power. 74 It enabled the Shah to state that ‘in 25 years Iran will be one of the world's five flourishing and prosperous nations … I think that in 10 years’ time our country will be as you [Britain] are now’. 75 One of his more well-known actions was the replacement of the traditional Islamic calendar, based on the migration of the Prophet Mohammad from Mecca to Medina, to a fictitious calendar centred on the coronation of Cyrus the Great. 76 Shifting from a religious calendar to one that celebrated the reign of

in Representation, recognition and respect in world politics
A visual narrative of the Romanian transition to capitalism
Anca Mihaela Pusca

confiscated long ago by the commies. Add to all this the massive migration of the population to every corner of Europe in search of a better life, add the mobile phones and internet coffee shops and you get a new species that will change the face of this land forever. The face of this land has already been changed, as we will see in the photographs taken by the group. And along with these changes, that may seem natural and to be expected by many, what has also changed is an entire imagination, an entire way in which a society or group of people thought of themselves, or to

in Revolution, democratic transition and disillusionment