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Mary A. Procida

-Indian cookbooks and household management guides had been written in the early nineteenth century, but with the establishment of a sizeable female population by the last quarter of the century such texts were published in greater number to assist the novice Anglo-Indian housekeeper address the peculiar problems of household management in India. The genre apparently remained popular through to the end of

in Married to the empire
Tasteful gardening and growing attachment
Dianne Lawrence

knowledge of the language of flowers, and activities such as painting. There follows an examination of the various sections of the colonial garden and the practices therein, which identifies the complexity of values the garden had for the mistress of the house. It is fitting that we enter at the front garden, as would any caller, as by so doing we can consider the face the genteel household presented to the world. From there we take a guided tour round the flower garden, including consideration of other decorative features

in Genteel women
Creating critical space, the living room
Dianne Lawrence

Introduction During the latter half of the nineteenth century there developed a notion that in any household which made claim to refinement the living room was a quintessentially female space. This idea, expressed in steadily more forthright terms, gathered in momentum over the decades, prompting the mistress of the house to lavish increasingly anxious care and attention on this most critical of domestic areas. It can therefore be understood that for the genteel woman it was an area which provided a crucial

in Genteel women
Tim Allender

for the abuse they had suffered. In this spirit, the head missionary, the Rev. Isenberg, reported on the solemnity of the punishment procedure with all its ghoulishness and humiliation: When consulting with Messrs Appagi and Rutttongi … & Miss Dowman [Mistress of the Girls’ Orphanage] we all agreed in the propriety and

in Learning femininity in colonial India, 1820–1932
Douglas J. Hamilton

as 1631, Sir Henry Colt found that his normal alcohol intake increased fifteen-fold. Despite the wishes of paternalistic landowners like George Inglis, many slipped into ‘drunkenness and debauchery’, often under pressure from their colleagues, who branded newcomers as ‘greenhorns’ or ‘novices’. 28 This lifestyle often had a damaging effect on health. A Scottish doctor in Dominica, Jonathon

in Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic world 1750–1820
Abstract only
A settler society
Robert Bickers

’ their new arrivals and showed them the ropes. Meyrick Hewlett and fellow consular novices were met at Beijing station in 1898 by an earlier draft who ‘although they had only preceded us by five months ... made us feel that they were old hands’; the students were immediately issued with room, servant and teacher. Whilst such education was more often implicit than in the lessons given by

in Britain in China
Convict transportation and colonial independence
Kirsty Reid

, the Bishop of Tasmania asserted. Under such circumstances, it was ‘not much to be wondered at’ if even the best of the men began ‘a downward Progress’. 106 On Norfolk Island, Naylor likewise alleged, ‘the comparatively innocent and the thoroughly degraded are . . . thrown together’ and ‘novices are . . . initiated into . . . the mysteries of crime’. The ‘English farm labourer, the

in Gender, crime and empire
Race and the migrant self
Satadru Sen

context of an English institution. Wisden wrote about him: When he first began to be talked about, the statement gained currency that he knew nothing whatever of cricket before coming to England to complete his education, but on this point Ranjitsinhji has himself put the world right. It is true that when he went up to Cambridge he had nearly everything of the real science of cricket to learn, but he had played the game in his school days in India, and was by no means such an entire novice as

in Migrant races