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Liene Ozoliņa

5 Spaces of the expelled Value and values ‘Is anything beyond the logic of capital?’, Beverly Skeggs asks in her 2013 British Journal of Sociology Annual Public Lecture (2014). Has the economic value come to dominate all social relations as well as perceptions of self, or is human life always about values, in plural, even at this moment in time when the rule of the capital, enforced and propped up by the austerity state, appears unchecked? This question that Skeggs poses resonates with the inquiry I began in the previous chapter, where Viktorija’s story shows

in Politics of waiting
Contested narratives of the independence struggle in postconfl ict Timor-Leste
Henri Myrttinen

shook the foundations of the new nation-state. The supposedly unifying narrative of the nation struggling as one for independence, of which the claim of the nation over the remains of the dead heroes is one manifestation, is however not uncontested. The chapter will focus on three aspects of this socially, culturally and politically complex debate. Following a brief historical outline, it will look at (1) the role of the dead in narratives of the state, (2) the role 96 Henri Myrttinen of narratives of continued struggle and (3) competing efforts of state and non

in Governing the dead