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Andrew Balmer and Anne Murcott

In many institutions the dissertation is the equivalent of a whole course, and is sometimes optional. Its length is commonly around 10,000 words, perhaps a little more or a little less. There are also degree schemes in which a shorter dissertation, usually of around 6,000 words, is possible. Whatever the length, the dissertation is likely to be the most significant, extended piece of work that you will produce during your time as an undergraduate student. It can certainly represent a challenge to your analytical and creative powers. But it also offers

in The craft of writing in sociology

This book guides students in how to construct coherent and powerful essays and dissertations by demystifying the process of creating an argument and helping students to develop their critical skills. It covers everything from the beginning stages of reading critically and keeping notes, through to the final stages of redrafting and proof-reading. It provides step-by-step instructions in how to identify, define, connect and contrast sociological concepts and propositions in order to produce powerful and well-evidenced arguments. Students are shown how to apply these lessons in essay writing, and to a longer piece of writing, such as a dissertation, as well as how to solve common problems experienced in writing, including getting rid of waffle, overcoming writer’s block and cutting an essay down to its required length. For students wishing to improve their basic writing skills or to refresh their memories, the book also gives a clear and concise overview of the most important grammatical rules in English and how to use them to good effect in writing clear sentences and sensible paragraphs.

Examples from essays written by sociology students at leading universities are used throughout the book. These examples are used to show what students have done well, what could be done better and how to improve their work using techniques of argument construction. It will be of use to students studying sociology and related disciplines, such as politics, anthropology and human geography, as well as for students taking a course which draws upon sociological writing, such as nursing, social psychology or health studies.

Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings and Lauren Harris

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Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Catherine Akurut

continual challenging of my premises led to its progression. A note of thanks to my supervisor, Professor Lyn Snodgrass, for her mentorship, knowledge and guidance throughout the dissertation from which this paper was derived. I will always be thankful to you. Works Cited Achiam , M. and Holmegaard , H. T. ( 2015

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Congolese Experience
Justine Brabant

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Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Gender Equality and Culture in Humanitarian Action
Ricardo Fal-Dutra Santos

Gender in Humanitarian Aid, Dissertation Brief Series 2016:05 , Umeå University , (accessed 30 August 2020 ). Olivius , E. ( 2017 ), ‘ Refugees, Global Governance and the Local Politics of Violence against Women ’, in Buckley

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
The Politics of Information and Analysis in Food Security Crises
Daniel Maxwell and Peter Hailey

), ‘ Fixing Famine: The Politics of Information in Famine Early Warning ’ (PhD dissertation), University of California , San Diego . Choularton , R. and Krishnamurthy , P. K. ( 2019 ), ‘ How Accurate Is Food Security Early Warning? Evaluation of FEWS NET Accuracy in Ethiopia

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Corporations, Celebrities and the Construction of the Entrepreneurial Refugee Woman
Annika Bergman Rosamond and Catia Gregoratti

, E. ( 2014 ), Governing Refugees through Gender Equality: Care, Control and Emancipation , PhD dissertation, Department of Political Science and Umeå Center for Gender Studies, Graduate School of Gender Studies, Umeå University . Olivius , E. ( 2015 ), ‘ Governing Refugees through Gender Equality: Rationalities of

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Bert Ingelaere

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Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Lessons Learned for Engagement in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States
Logan Cochrane

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Journal of Humanitarian Affairs