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This book is about the lives of refugee women in Britain and France. Who are they? Where do they come from? What happens to them when they arrive, while they wait for a decision on their claim for asylum, and after the decision, whether positive or negative? The book shows how laws and processes designed to meet the needs of men fleeing political persecution often fail to protect women from persecution in their home countries and fail to meet their needs during and after the decision-making process. It portrays refugee women as resilient, resourceful and potentially active participants in British and French social, political and cultural life. The book exposes the obstacles that make active participation difficult.

Catherine Akurut

, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In STEM, gender-inclusion means striking a balance between men and women taking studies and advancing in careers in these fields ( Achiam and Holmegaard, 2015 : 6). In contrast, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (2017) , gender-inclusion refers to the ‘gender equality and empowerment of women as well as the active participation of women in political

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Markus Oppolzer

readers’ active participation in negotiating these questions as the classics of Gothic fiction. Notes 1 The noun phrase ‘narrative props’ is taken from Andrew Smith, Gothic Literature (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2007 ), p. 3 (also see p. 4); the second phrase is

in Alan Moore and the Gothic Tradition
Abstract only
Great white hope of the Edwardian imperial romancers
Norman Etherington

Soon after the fall of Jerusalem in December 1917, he encountered a hero to rank with the best of them. Thomas E. Lawrence had been seconded as a military attaché to Arabs in revolt against Turkish rule. Formerly an archaeologist in Syria, Lawrence was fluent in Arabic and soon graduated from liaison work to active participation in military operations. Lowell Thomas caught up with him in Jerusalem and

in Imperium of the soul
The Irish experience
Margaret Ward

of nationhood. In this exploration of women’s relationship with Irish nationalist movements, the focus is upon their active participation within the various organisations inspired by nationalist ideals and their continuing efforts to overcome opposition to that participation. Nancy Curtin has provided a short account of women’s contribution to the United Irishmen, the

in Gender and imperialism
White women and property holding in Barbadian plantation society
Cecily Jones

margins of the economic and social processes of slave societies. 4 An analysis of property records reveals the social agency of white women within the Barbadian property market, to an extent not previously recognised or understood. White women in Barbadian slave plantation society were social agents whose active participation in the Barbadian economy made them significant actors. White women in the

in Engendering whiteness
Megan Smitley

women’s temperance unions were expected to live up to rigorous standards of organisational and administrative skill, and key members of the BWTASCU came to temperance reform with impressive human capital gained through a lifetime of public service in their local communities. In sum, female temperance reform should be viewed as a fundamental realm of women’s active participation in middle-class identity construction rather than simply as a religiously inspired movement bogged down in a conservative understanding of women’s social role. Notes 1 The importance of

in The feminine public sphere
Marcos P. Dias

art with so-called active participation against a perceived machinisation and stereotyping of participation. Second, it might imply that the aim of participatory performances is to enable a consensual and predefined outcome, in the shape of a desired effect of the artistic narrative. However, as we have seen through the accounts of performance art projects that I have described so far, participants interact with each other and on their own according to their own needs, desires and translation of the narrative of each performance. In this process, artists and

in The machinic city
Jane Brooks

-­Coyne, there were only a few units that had the expertise to carry out the process.92 Furthermore, the instructions that most medical officers had been given in respect of the provision of blood transfusions were inadequate.93 Given the potential dangers of the transfusion procedure, it required the active participation and supervision of medical staff, with the support of nursing sisters and orderlies. By the time of the Spanish Civil War, ‘great strides’ had been made in the storage and preservation of blood for transfusion, enabling nurses and doctors to treat shock

in Negotiating nursing

/or party organisations. The analysis will allow us to better understand: (a) the survival of “traditional” models of party organisation that rely on people's active participation in the political process; and (b) whether, and how, parties can shape views and identities, and what they gain from doing so. This chapter will now proceed as follows. In the next section we offer a discussion of what party members did within and for the League, which includes representing the party in the institutions and getting involved in externally and internally

in Populism in Europe