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Gregor Gall

Many have characterised Strummer as some kind of activist. Some instances giving an indication of this are Moore and Roberts's ( 2009 : 273) statement: ‘As the lead singer and principal songwriter for The Clash, Joe Strummer was at the center of punk rock's politicised protests in the late 1970s and early 1980s’; Rifer ( 2003 : 34) writing: ‘Clad in a Brigade Rosse T-shirt, performing at anti-racist rallies …’; Douglas ( 2003 ) remarking: ‘He was a great fighter for the working class’; Bond ( 2003 ) stating: ‘He fought, always, against the

in The punk rock politics of Joe Strummer
Uneasy identifications
Remi Joseph-Salisbury
Laura Connelly

As we indicate in the Introduction, although we will delineate some broad principles and orientations of anti-racist scholar-activism, this book is not intended to be a ‘how-to’ guide. The accounts presented throughout the book show that such an endeavour would not only be incredibly difficult but would belie the nuance, complexity, and multiplicity of what is invoked through the terms ‘scholar-activist’ and ‘scholar-activism’. It is not our intention to present anti-racist scholar-activism as an essentialist entity that can be easily captured

in Anti-racist scholar-activism
Janam and the politics of the street theatre in India
Tony Fisher

The closure of the political theatre, described in the previous chapter, by no means entails that the idea of a militant and activist theatre is therefore entirely swept from the board by the historical tendencies that overwhelmed the classical political theatre, or that its genealogy amounts only to the story of the erasure of actual politics from the taxonomic

in The aesthetic exception
James W. Ford and the communist push into the Black Atlantic
Holger Weiss

African American Communist and labour union activist James W. Ford arrived in Moscow in March 1928. His trip to Soviet Russia was a watershed in his life as it placed him for the next four years at the centre of the interwar communist world-system, the Third or Communist International or Comintern and the Red International of Labour Unions (RILU) and their affiliated units. 1 Established in 1919, the Comintern framed what Finnish Communist Otto Ville Kuusinen termed a ‘solar system’, a hierarchical structure in

in Global biographies
Abstract only
Paul Jackson

networking between groups, allowing ideas to spread across borders. However, the ways the online space is used varies dramatically from activist to activist, and from group to group. Initially, online tools were seen as a novel way to modernise specific organisations, now they are central to the maintenance of loose networks of extremists that lack clear centralised structures. In sum, the past 30 years has

in Pride in prejudice
Caroline Turner
Jen Webb

2 The artist as cultural and political activist Introduction Art historian Terry Smith has argued that ‘contemporary art is  – perhaps for the first time in history  – truly an art of the world’.1 Rather than being defined by national or local concerns, his thesis suggests, contemporary art is informed by and responsive to the global context. But, he continues, for artists working in postcolonial nations, as for some artists working within globally dominant nations, the drive is to produce ‘a content-driven art, aware of the influence of ideologies, and

in Art and human rights
Paddy Hoey

1 Northern Ireland, the public sphere and activist media The appearance of a political journal and its survival was equivalent to involvement in the struggle over the range of freedom to be granted to public opinion and over publicity as a principle.1 In May 2013 a tweet sent by the author of this book contributed to a minor controversy involving Sinn Féin and the BBC. A picture taken at a recording of the BBC’s flagship debate programme, Question Time, that week being hosted in Belfast, showed a floor plan for the panel of guests that appeared to link Sinn

in Shinners, Dissos and Dissenters
Andrew Spicer

’ Scottishness. As one obituarist argued, Connery's ‘unique power … was always rooted in his Scottish working-class origins, which gave him a threatening, splintery edge that all the glamour in Hollywood could never quite sand off’. 23 Scots activist Connery's championing of Scotland took its most obvious and public form in his activism, sustained over a period of fifty years in a series of interconnected activities through which he promoted the country's independence

in Sean Connery
Enrico De Angelis

Barada River red in memory of the martyrs of the revolution. Neither a movement nor an organisation, Ayyam al-Hurriyya is a loose network of activists who share the same objective: to overthrow the regime through non-violent resistance. Founded in October 2011, when Damascus and Aleppo were still on the fringes of the uprising, Ayyam al-Hurriyya carried out spectacular actions to make people in

in Arab youths
Anna Boucher

8 Activist mobilising, state sponsorship and venue shopping capabilities Introduction Governments in Australia and Canada have over the last quarter century pushed towards a more economically selective immigration programme. Initially, Australian policy-makers were better able to realise this goal, although there has been a convergence in policy achievements and processes around both temporary and permanent skilled immigration policies in the two countries since the mid-2000s. In both countries, governments now exercise high levels of bureaucratic control over

in Gender, migration and the global race for talent