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Abstract only
Second edition
Author: A. J. Coates

Though the just war tradition has an ancient pedigree, like any tradition of thought, it is subject to historical highs and lows. Drawing on examples from the history of warfare from the Crusades to the present day, this book explores the limits and possibilities of the moral regulation of war. It focuses on the tensions which exist between war and morality. The moral ambiguity and mixed record of that tradition is acknowledged and the dangers which an exaggerated view of the justice or moral worth of war poses are underlined. The adoption of a 'dispositional' view of ethical life, in which moral character and moral culture play a decisive part, widens and transforms the ethics of war. Realism resists the application of morality to war. Pacifism harms and benefits the just war tradition in about equal measure. In opposition to the amoral and wholly pragmatic approach of the 'pure' realist, the just war theorist insists on the moral determination of war where that is possible, and on the moral renunciation of war where it is not. Moral realism is what the just war tradition purports to be about. Legitimate authority has become entirely subordinated to the concept of state sovereignty. If moderate forms of consequentialism threaten the principle of noncombatant immunity, more extreme or purer forms clearly undermine it. The strategic and the ethical problems of counterterrorism are compounded by the emergence of a new and more extreme form of terrorism.

Damian Walford Davies

British aristocracy were landscaped according to the ‘Anglo-Chinese’ taste of natural wildness.11 Middle-class Britons decorated their houses with Chinese furniture and Chinese wallpapers. Sir William Chambers published dissertations on the beauties of Chinese gardens and Chinese architecture; as architect to the future George III, he famously added a nine-storey pagoda to the royal gardens at Kew. 279 Counterfactual Romanticism As David Porter argues, it was ultimately the long-standing prestige of imperial China – founded on an ancient pedigree that validated Chinese

in Counterfactual Romanticism
Just war, past and present
A. J. Coates

Introduction to the second edition: Just war, past and present Introduction to the second edition Though the just war tradition has an ancient pedigree, like any tradition of thought, it is subject to historical highs and lows. After a lengthy period of relative stagnation, the tradition is enjoying a major revival, generating a substantial literature and establishing a virtual monopoly over ethical thinking about war. However, its present hegemony is not of a dogmatic and uncontested kind. On the contrary, those at the forefront of contemporary just war

in The ethics of war
Abstract only
lineage and professionalism in the Old Regime
Rafe Blaufarb

cultural differences dividing it into haves and have-nots. To ensure that royal aid went only to those who needed and deserved it, all prospective students first had to furnish proof of four generations of noble descent, a requirement intended to guarantee that their nobility did not derive from recent venal ennoblement. 25 But ancient pedigree alone was not enough to enter the Ecole. Applicants were also ranked on an eight-tiered scale which gave preference to the sons of officers who had sacrificed life, limb, and fortune in the king’s service. 26 This

in The French army 1750–1820
Open Access (free)
‘Numbers games’ and ‘holocausts’ at Jasenovac and Bleiburg
David Bruce MacDonald

, Tudjman’s Jasenovac numbers were not unduly controversial when compared to other revisionist numbers. More problematic was his application of ‘Tudjmanism’ to other periods of history, as part of a larger project to relativise the Ustaša genocide. A section of his book was devoted to violence, traced back for as long as humanity ‘has been aware of its own existence’. Genocide also had an ancient pedigree, having existed ‘since the dawn of our primitive prehistory’.41 History according to Tudjman was a never-ending series of violent conflicts and wars, beginning with Old

in Balkan holocausts?
Dogs, pigs and police, 1865–80
Juliana Adelman

show in the 1870s, although he traced the breed to an ancient race of dogs. In the case of Irish water spaniels and Kerry Beagles, Scharff compared characteristics of the modern show variety to those of possible ancestors found in medieval records. While tracing ancient pedigrees of Irish dogs, Scharff accepted the dog-show definition of each breed. 26 Dog shows permanently altered the appearance of Irish dogs. For example, Irish dog breeders rapidly eliminated colour variety among setters. By 1866, patches of white or black were out of fashion. Harry Blake Knox, a

in Civilised by beasts
Paul Greenhalgh

baroque, a previous age of power and confidence. In true conservative manner the creators of the Trocadéro reassured themselves of French standing by resorting to a distant and glorious past. It did its job well, for no innocent by-stander on the Chaillot Hill could have doubted they were in a country of importance and wealth. The literature surrounding the building dwelt on the ancient pedigree of the

in Ephemeral vistas
Thomas Watson, Christopher Marlowe, Richard Barnfield
Tania Demetriou

Proceedings of the American Philological Association , 71 (1940), 1–26. 19 Always with a caveat about its ancient pedigree. See Donno, Elizabethan Minor Epics , p. 6; Clark, Amorous Rites , pp. xxvii, l; William Keach, Elizabethan Erotic Narratives: Irony and Pathos in the Ovidian Poetry of

in Interweaving myths in Shakespeare and his contemporaries
Abstract only
Ben Jonson’s admiration for Southwell’s ‘burning Babe’
Anne Sweeney

emotional honesty and imaginative efficacy could be a powerful poet indeed. Southwell was also being trained to see the benefits of simplified pedagogical strategies to involve hearts and minds as widely as possible in this new vision of Christian piety, to accommodate himself to his actual audience. Catechesis, an interactive teaching tool of ancient pedigree, was being further developed on far

in Robert Southwell
Abstract only
Andrew Brown and Graeme Small

, our lord! We are all your children and we thank you for your kindness toward us! Then the lord of Gruuthuse, at the duke’s command, replied, saying: Gentlemen, behold your prince, your natural lord by ancient pedigree: not by acquisition, by purchase or through tyranny, but your

in Court and civic society in the Burgundian Low Countries c.1420–1530