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Serbian and Croatian victim-centred propaganda and the war in Yugoslavia

Comparing and contrasting propaganda in Serbia and Croatia from 1986 to 1999, this book analyses each group's contemporary interpretations of history and current events. It offers a detailed discussion of Holocaust imagery and the history of victim-centred writing in nationalist theory, including the links between the comparative genocide debate, the so-called Holocaust industry, and Serbian and Croatian nationalism. There is a detailed analysis of Serbian and Croatian propaganda over the Internet, detailing how and why the Internet war was as important as the ground wars in Kosovo, Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina, and a theme-by-theme analysis of Serbian and Croatian propaganda, using contemporary media sources, novels, academic works and journals.

Philip M. Taylor

speculation was substituting for hard news as the media anticipated the ground war that would hopefully supply more exciting material. It was during this period that some of the better informed media Munitions_10_Chap25 292 4/11/03, 11:01 293 The Gulf War of 1991 pundits guessed that when the allied attack came it would take the form of a rapid knock-out push to the west of Kuwait which would then swing eastwards in an attempt (in the words of one commander) to ‘cut off and kill’ the occupying enemy forces from their Iraqi homeland. This was what actually did happen

in Munitions of the Mind
A. J. Coates

was shared by the leaders of the coalition themselves, and it lay behind their decision to preface the ground war with a prolonged and intensive bombing campaign.20 Proportionality and the conduct of war237 The first objective of the campaign was to achieve air supremacy, so that strategic bombing could take place with relative impunity and so that the eventual ground attack could be executed with the support and without the threat of tactical air power. With this in mind attacks were carried out against the Iraqi air defence system and Air Force. The overwhelming

in The ethics of war
Todd H. Green (accessed 16 August 2021). Moore , D. ( 2001 ). Eight of ten Americans support ground war in Afghanistan , Gallup , 1 November, (accessed 30 June 2021). Moore , D

in The rise of global Islamophobia in the War on Terror
Abstract only
Michael Lumbers

ground war in Southeast Asia and its subsequent conduct of the fighting. As such, this book contributes to a wider contextual history of Vietnam. More than recent literature has stressed or recognized, Washington devoted considerable effort to anticipating Beijing’s response to US military moves against its North Vietnamese ally. LBJ’s fear of Chinese intervention contributed handsomely to his eschewal of the more provocative war measures advocated by many of his advisers in the spring and summer of 1965. As the mainland became enveloped in revolutionary fervor, US

in Piercing the bamboo curtain
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Philip Hammond

began calling for the use of ground troops. The paper started off asking nervously, ‘Will we be dragged into a ground war?’ (26 March) and in its 2 April leader comparing Kosovo with the Holocaust it still only wondered whether Nato might be forced ‘to think the unthinkable and consider launching a ground war’. The Mail seemed to follow public opinion, noting on 29 March that ‘the public … does not

in Framing post-Cold War conflicts
David Cutts
Andrew Russell
, and
Joshua Townsley

from ‘change’ score models indicate a discernible ‘education’ effect in 11 of the 62 seats won and in seven of the seats gained (Fieldhouse et al. , 2006 : 90). Here the ‘ground war’ clearly complemented the party’s vocal national push on topics such as top-up fees. Second, Liberal Democrat support jumped by more than eight points in those seats with significant numbers of Muslim voters and this contributed to the party gaining two seats. However, it was hamstrung by low base levels of support in many of these

in The Liberal Democrats
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The politics of morality,the 2004 presidential election and the Bush legacy
Edward Ashbee

more likely to endorse tolerance than are the evangelical Protestants who form the base of the Republican Party . . . When asked to define moral values, Catholic voters are nearly twice as likely TBA_C08.qxd 08/02/2007 11:21 AM Page 235 Conclusion 235 to mention qualities of personal integrity as they are to cite the hotbutton issues of abortion, gay marriage and marital fidelity.8 Thirdly, ‘moral values’ encouraged the mobilisation of activists. The 2004 presidential election was in the words of operatives both an ‘air’ and a ‘groundwar. The Republicans had an

in The Bush administration, sex and the moral agenda
Dean J. White

would be the rebel army that would pursue the ground war, it would not be Western soldiers. This decision to intervene through the use of airpower alone minimised both the risk of casualties for intervening countries and the risk of a Muslim backlash to Western presence in another Islamic country.48 Therefore, political leaders in the UK, US and France believed the nature of the Libyan conflict meant that intervention had significant potential benefits (which included regime change as well as protecting civilians) at acceptable, almost minimal, risk and cost. For the

in The ignorant bystander?
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Confronting relativism in Serbia and Croatia
David Bruce MacDonald

and Croatian propaganda succeeded in spite of itself. In reviewing Serbian and Croatian nationalist propaganda from the collapse of Yugoslavia until the beginning of 1999, the presence of Fall and persecution imagery was an obvious corollary to the horrific ground wars that began after 1991. Myth-makers performed a crucial role in legitimating the rise of Serbian and Croatian nationalism, as well as in excusing the many violent acts of statecraft that flowed from the expansionist designs of Franjo Tudjman and Slobodan Milošević. Clearly, we live in an age when

in Balkan holocausts?