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Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld and Manchester
Bill Williams

11 ‘Inspired idealism’: Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld and Manchester The same meeting of the MJRC on 6 December 1938 to which Arthur Kershaw had been invited to outline his plans for a hostel in south Manchester was attended by another group of friends, this one led by Eli Fox, with proposals for the creation of a hostel to the north of the city. It was probably in late November that the insurance broker, Eli Fox, and the building contractor, Adolf Cassel, paid £8,000 for a house at 20 Upper Park Road, Higher Broughton, set in one-and-a-half acres, which might serve

in ‘Jews and other foreigners’
Darrow Schecter

toward the end of chapter 2 . Liberal legal doctrine and traditional idealism unwittingly make these seemingly extreme theses plausible by effectively illustrating two points. They show why every theory of law is also a theory of knowledge and a theory of political agency about the appropriate modes of its implementation, and they demonstrate why the only kinds of modern law that are legitimate are based on knowledge in the

in Beyond hegemony
Andrew Bowie

2 German Idealism and early German Romanticism Thinking the infinite The immediate consequences from the 1790s onwards of the perceived failure of Kant’s attempt to ground philosophy in the principle of subjectivity are apparent in two areas of philosophy which carry the broad names ‘German Idealism’, which is mainly associated with Fichte, Schelling and Hegel; and ‘early Romanticism’, which is mainly associated with Novalis, Friedrich Schlegel and (in some respects) Friedrich Schleiermacher.1 There are, as we shall see, crucial respects in which these two

in Aesthetics and subjectivity
Katia Pizzi

170 Italian futurism and the machine 5 Between technodialogism and cosmic idealism The futurists were not the aeroplanes they wanted to be but they were at any rate a pack of very nice, noisy Vespas. (I. Stravinsky, in Craft and Stravinsky, Conversations with Igor Stravinsky, 1958) Born in Modena, Enrico Prampolini (1894–1956) was arguably the most networked Italian futurist operating in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, disseminating ‘mechanical art’ and its later developments through the 1930s and 1940s, at a time when many of his fellow futuristi, e

in Italian futurism and the machine
Transformations of the Human in the Writing of Liam O‘Flaherty
Terry Phillips

This paper examines the way in which the tension in O‘Flaherty‘s writing between disappointed idealism and lingering romanticism is expressed by his use of the grotesque, which enables him at once to display both revulsion and romantic resistance to limitation, both of which are counter to a coherent enlightenment view of the rational human. The paper traces O‘Flaherty‘s use of the grotesque in the short stories and a number of historical novels and his creation of figures which are sometimes monstrous, often humorous and sometimes enlightened by moments of transcendence of limitations, but always resistant to defining boundaries.

Gothic Studies
Gothic, Romantic and Poetic Identity in Shelley‘s ‘Alastor’
Spencer Hall

This essay considers the relationship between Gothicism and romanticism and explores the impact of postmodernist constructions of a ‘new Gothic’ on contemporary views of romanticism. It argues that the former has affected the latter not only by foregrounding the presence of darker elements in the discourse of romantic idealism, but also by demonstrating the ambiguous continuities and conjunctions within that discourse between transcendence and transgression, idealization and dissolution, eternity and temporality. Taking ‘Alastor’ as an example, the essay seeks to show how the poem draws upon the legacy and the vocabulary of Gothicism to problematize the quests for transcendence and poetic identity that form its core. The essay argues, further, that Shelley, as a second-generation romantic, draws upon the Gothic to express his skepticism about and to explore the antithetical elements in first-generation Wordsworthian romanticism.

Gothic Studies
Editor’s Introduction
Juliano Fiori

at least irrelevant, if not a hindrance, to the US. Trump’s consistent disregard for multilateralism and his authoritarian posturing towards allies and enemies alike now confirm the trend away from liberal internationalism that, despite cosmopolitan rhetoric, was already evident under the presidency of Barack Obama. This trend is not simply part of the secular fluctuation in American foreign policy between idealism and realism: its end is a rupture with the American exceptionalism essential to both traditions. The National Security

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Jeffrey Flynn

). Chouliaraki , L. ( 2013 ), The Ironic Spectator: Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism ( Cambridge : Polity Press ). Davey , E. ( 2015 ), Idealism beyond Borders: The French Revolutionary Left and the Rise of Humanitarianism, 1954–1988 ( Cambridge

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The Visual Politics and Narratives of Red Cross Museums in Europe and the United States, 1920s to 2010s
Sönke Kunkel

this country and in Europe and in Siberia, and to give the public an opportunity of learning the ideals of service of the Red Cross through visualization’ ( Brigham, 1922 ). The museum, in other words, was there to showcase stories and examples of Red Cross idealism and heroism; it was not there to provide a critical rethinking of Red Cross work. The museum’s centerpiece were miniature group models that provided idealized allegories of Red Cross work and

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Valérie Gorin

). 16 See the CHA’s webinars: (accessed 26 December 2020). Works Cited Davey , E. ( 2015 ), Idealism beyond Borders: The French Revolutionary Left and the Rise of Humanitarianism, 1954–1988 ( Cambridge : Cambridge University Press ). Desgrandchamps , M.-L. , Heerten , L. , Oko Omaka , A. , O’Sullivan , K. , and Taithe , B. ( 2020 ), ‘ Biafra, Humanitarian Intervention and History ’, Journal of Humanitarian

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs