Occultism and the metamorphic self in Florentine Futurism
Paola Sica

the senses and, thus, remains on the surface. Not surprisingly, she dismisses art that is sentimental, traditional and linked to earthly dimensions, and opts for an art that unveils the mysteries of a universal consciousness. She explains this through nocturnal images, recalling those used by Ginna in his ‘Il coraggio delle ricerche dell’occultismo’, which appeared in L’Italia Futurista in May 1917, one month before her essay was published. As an artist interested in the occult, Ginna felt compelled to walk at night, following the light of a star. New artists, for

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Childhood and Lissadell
Sonja Tiernan

politics climate beneficial to his own health and for this reason he and his wife spent most of their time between 1881 and 1902 in Bordighera. He and his friends built a house, Casa Coraggio (House of Courage), which offered a place of respite for any person in need. There are no records as to why Gore-Booth stayed at Casa Coraggio. It is most likely that she or her family learnt about MacDonald’s villa whilst travelling in Italy. Josslyn Gore-Booth speculates that ‘there was some ecclesiastical connection with George MacDonald’ and the Gore-Booth rector in Manchester

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Abstract only
The Portuguese left approach to the crisis
Cláudia Toriz Ramos

’. www.rtp.pt/noticias/politica/antonio-costa-insiste-que-nao-ha-plano-b-e-critica-regras-europeias_n933551 (accessed 12 January 2017). Santos , B. S. ( 2016 ) ‘ À la gauche d’aujourd’hui et de demain ’, in J. L. Laville & J. L. Coraggio (eds) Les gauches du XXIe siècle: un dialogue Nord-Sud, Lormont : Le Bord de L’Eau , 67

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Chari Larsson

Georges Didi-Huberman’s The Surviving Image concludes with a quotation drawn from a speech delivered by art historian Aby Warburg to mark the reopening of the German Institute of Art History in Florence in 1927. Warburg completed his paper with the rallying cry: ‘ Si continua – coraggio! – ricominciamo la lettura! ’ (‘To be continued to our next – courage! – Let’s begin the reading again!’). Warburg’s comments led Didi-Huberman to pithily observe, ‘This was his way of saying that in every age, indeed in every moment, art history needs to be reread and begun

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A second cycle of contention
Phil Edwards

precisione e con coraggio?’ ‘Per sparare, ha aspettato che Lo Muscio facesse fuoco contro di lui e contro il collega. Poi ha inseguito il terrorista lasciando tante raffiche dal suo mitra e sfidando i colpi della Colt special dell’avversario.’ ‘Forse la vita di Anna Maria Mantini poteva essere risparmiata e non soltanto per legittimi motivi di umanità che si impongono in qualsiasi circonstanza, ma anche perché la giovane poteva fornire elementi utili ad un’inchiesta’. ‘Ai macrogruppi politici si vanno sostituendo microaggregazioni spontanee che si servono spesso di metodi

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