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Spyros Blavoukos

The multiple streams approach (MSA) is based on John Kingdon’s influential work, first published in 1984. In it, Kingdon identifies three kinds of processes that set agendas and specify policy alternatives. These processes comprise: first, the recognition and identification of a problem as such; second, the generation of an alternative problem specification and alternative policy options; and third, political events that alter the terms of political interaction in the policy-making process. The three streams have lives of their own

in Foreign policy as public policy?
The confluence of Oc and vine
Andrew W.M. Smith

4 Crossing the streams: the confluence of Oc and vine The potential for the winegrowers’ movement to interact with regionalism had been strongly demonstrated in 1907, when both Albert and Ferroul had invoked the region’s Cathar heritage and Occitan identity. Yet, in the 1960s, this regionalism assumed a new importance, as it meshed with challenges to centralism and the renewal of the left’s engagement with such issues. The makeup of the new left was reflected in the Languedoc’s viticultural heritage, where regionalism had spoken directly to occupational identity

in Terror and terroir
Carol Polsgrove

influence.’ 29 With visitors like the Sudanese coming and going, Padmore wrote to Du Bois on 12 December 1946, ‘I am, if anything, more busy than ever. There is a constant stream of people passing through here, and there is always some question being brought which takes time and attention. I am using my influence to assist the growth of movements and a forward-looking vanguard wherever the opportunity

in Ending British rule in Africa
Politics and teething issues
Alice Garner
Diane Kirkby

30 2 ‘A steady stream of new problems’: Politics and teething issues Negotiating the terms of the Fulbright Agreement had been concluded but, now, setting up the scheme brought a new suite of problems. Charles Odegaard, executive director of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), offered some advice to those charged with establishing a working exchange program. Odegaard was a history lecturer who would become president of the University of Washington, and was also a member of the Committee on International Exchange of Persons established by the

in Academic ambassadors, Pacific allies
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Lewis Hine’s Photographs of Refugees for the American Red Cross, 1918–20
Sonya de Laat

, especially young males, were also viewed in a negative light. Particularly early on in the war, they were presented as cowardly opportunists evading their responsibilities. As the war continued, metaphors such as deluge, streams, waves, and floods became increasingly predominant. This language may have signaled the scale of the tragedy; it also alluded to refugees being a chaotic hoard, as disorderly and untrustworthy ( Gatrell, 2014 ). Representations of refugees and migrants as being desperate, dependent, but also dangerous have also been noted in more recent visual

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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Architecture, Building and Humanitarian Innovation
Tom Scott-Smith

the mix (see also Aquilino, 2011 ; Charlesworth, 2014 ; Meinhold, 2013 ; Sinclair and Stohr, 2006 ). Faced by this stream of ideas and proposals, many aid workers have concluded architects are moving in the opposite direction from humanitarians. Whereas humanitarians focus on process, architects focus on product. Whereas humanitarians aim to get existing shelters up to minimum standards, architects develop utopian visions in glorious isolation from reality. Since

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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Digital Bodies, Data and Gifts
Kristin Bergtora Sandvik

. Wearables can be passive applications (apps) that can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets and smartwatches to aid wayfinding, or dedicated devices that record activity, or more sophisticated multifunction devices that also record multiple data streams including biomarkers (such as heart rate). They can combine data collection and drug delivery. Many apps and devices are designed to allow users to keep a record of their activities online or to communicate with third‐party websites

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Sophie Roborgh

participants, the WhatsApp group became a key platform, which sought to curb the stream of unsubstantiated rumours. Here, medical-humanitarian organisations positioned themselves as brokers. The relations between local humanitarian organisations’ teams and journalists extended further. The representative stated: ‘We are all FB [Facebook] friends. It’s a community’ (see also Zimmerman et al. , 2019 : 23–4 on the ‘symbiotic relationship’ between

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Corporations, Celebrities and the Construction of the Entrepreneurial Refugee Woman
Annika Bergman Rosamond
Catia Gregoratti

] budgets are modest, this model will likely produce sustainable and scalable engagements for beneficiaries, including vulnerable populations. From the JRF’s perspective, this offers a non-traditional yet lucrative revenue stream for achieving its core mission of empowering refugees and Jordanian women through skills building’ ( Malik et al. , 2018 : 2). The partnership commenced with product development activities in 2016, and

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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The Politics of Information and Analysis in Food Security Crises
Daniel Maxwell
Peter Hailey

assessment, future streams of funding, their own security and their own sanity. Self-censorship manifests in various ways, including delaying data collection, revising schedules or protocols, or not pushing back very hard on denials of access. Analysts may simply avoid extremely sensitive areas or topics of conversation in the analysis. Or they may not push back with evidence to the contrary when it comes to numbers – particularly if dealing with armed

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs