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in Late Merovingian France


Manchester Medieval Sources series

series adviser Janet L. Nelson

This series aims to meet a growing need amongst students and teachers of medieval history for translations of key sources that are directly usable in students’ own work. The series will provide texts central to medieval studies courses and will focus upon the diverse cultural, social as well as political conditions that affected the functioning of all levels of medieval society. The basic premise of the new series is that translations must be accompanied by sufficient introductory and explanatory material and each volume will therefore include a comprehensive guide to the sources’ interpretation, including discussion of critical linguistic problems and an assessment of the most recent research on the topics being covered.

already published in the series

Janet L. Nelson The Annals of St-Bertin: ninth-century histories, volume I

Timothy Reuter The Annals of Fulda: ninth-century histories, volume II

Chris Given-Wilson Chronicles of the Revolution, 1397–1400: the reign of Richard II

R. N. Swanson Catholic England: faith, religion and observance before the Reformation

Rosemary Horrox The Black Death

John Edwards The Jews in Western Europe

Jennifer Ward Women of the English nobility and gentry, 1066–1500

P. J. Goldberg Women in England, c. 1275–1525



by Paul Fouracre and Richard A. Gerberding

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First published by Manchester University Press 1996

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Late Merovingian France

History and Hagiography 640–720


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