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General editor John M. MacKenzie

When the ‘Studies in Imperialism’ series was founded by Professor John M. MacKenzie more than thirty years ago, emphasis was laid upon the conviction that ‘imperialism as a cultural phenomenon had as significant an effect on the dominant as on the subordinate societies’. With well over a hundred titles now published, this remains the prime concern of the series. Cross-disciplinary work has indeed appeared covering the full spectrum of cultural phenomena, as well as examining aspects of gender and sex, frontiers and law, science and the environment, language and literature, migration and patriotic societies, and much else. Moreover, the series has always wished to present comparative work on European and American imperialism, and particularly welcomes the submission of books in these areas. The fascination with imperialism, in all its aspects, shows no sign of abating, and this series will continue to lead the way in encouraging the widest possible range of studies in the field. Studies in Imperialism is fully organic in its development, always seeking to be at the cutting edge, responding to the latest interests of scholars and the needs of this ever-expanding area of scholarship.

Unfit for heroes

Propaganda and empire
The manipulation of British public opinion, 1880–1960
John M. MacKenzie

Imperialism and popular culture
ed. John M. MacKenzie

‘At duty’s call’
A study in obsolete patriotism
W. J. Reader

Images of the army
The military in British art, 1815–1914
J. W. M. Hichberger

The empire of nature
Hunting, conservation and British imperialism
John M. MacKenzie

Imperial medicine and indigenous societies
ed. David Arnold

Imperialism and juvenile literature
ed. Jeffrey Richards

Asia in western fiction
ed. Robin W. Winks and James R. Rush

Empire and sexuality
The British experience
Ronald M. Hyam

Imperialism and the natural world
ed. John M. MacKenzie

Emigrants and empire
British settlement in the dominions between the wars
ed. Stephen Constantine

Revolution and empire
English politics and the American colonies in the seventeenth century
Robert M. Bliss

Air power and colonial control
The Royal Air Force 1919–39
David E. Omissi

Acts of supremacy
The British Empire and the stage, 1790–1930
J. S. Bratton et al.

Policing the Empire
Government, authority and control, 1830–1940 ed.
David Anderson David Killingray

Policing and decolonization
Nationalism, politics and the police, 1917–65 ed.
David Anderson David Killingray

Popular imperialism and the military, 1850–1950 ed.
John M. MacKenzie

The language of empire
Myths and metaphors of popular imperialism, 1880–1918
Robert H. MacDonald

Travellers in Africa: British travelogues, 1850–1900
Tim Youngs

Unfit for heroes

Reconstruction and Soldier Settlement in the Empire Between the Wars

Kent Fedorowich





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Fedorowich, Kent, 1959–

Unfit for heroes : reconstruction and soldier settlement in the empire between

the wars / Kent Fedorowich.

p. cm. — (Studies in imperialism)

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 0–7190–4108–2

1. Agricultural colonies—Commonwealth countries—History—20th century. 2. Veterans—Commonwealth countries—History—20th century. 3. Reconstruction (1914–1939)—Commonwealth countries. 4. Agricultural colonies—Great Britain—Colonies—Africa—History. 5. Veterans—Great Britain—Colonies—Africa—History.

6. Reconstruction (1914—1939)—Great Britain—Colonies—Africa. I. Title. II. Series: Studies in imperialism (Manchester, England)

HD1516.C723F43 1994

333.3’l—dc20           94–27753


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Unfit for heroes

Reconstruction and Soldier Settlement in the Empire Between the Wars




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