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in The Bible onscreen in the new millennium


0.1‘The Passion of the Jew’, South Park (2004): Kyle (voiced by Matt Stone), a Jewish child, goes to see The Passion of the Christ and later has scary dreams of himself as a member of the Sanhedrin.3
0.2Friday Night, Saturday Morning (BBC 2, 9 November 1979): ‘You’ll get your thirty pieces of silver …’. Left to right: Mervyn Stockwood (Bishop of Southwark), Malcolm Muggeridge and Monty Python members John Cleese and Michael Palin heatedly debate blasphemy in Life of Brian (1979).8
0.3The Prince of Egypt (1998): In a moment of spectacle, lightning backlights the sea life in the wall of miraculously parted water as the Hebrews cross to safety.10
1.1Con Air (1997): Director Simon West’s use of a ray of light to illuminate Cameron Poe’s face (played by Nicolas Cage) directly references Warner Sallman’s Head of Christ (1940).29
2.1Greimas’ structure based around actants.37
2.2Greimas’ theory applied to a story of a prince helped by a magic horse to save a princess.37
2.3Griemas’ theory applied to the story of Noah.38
7.1King Arthur (2004): Bors (Ray Winstone) mocks Horton’s (Pat Kinevane) faith, as the corrupt Roman Christians occupy and later flee Britain.123
7.2Noah (2014): Noah (Russell Crowe) wrestles with his faith and undertaking ‘the Creator’s’ will.130
7.3Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014): God, or his messenger, represented as a petulant and vengeful child (Isaac Andrews).131
7.4Ben-Hur (2016): Christianity as a source of redemption and domesticity is restored in the ending as Judah (Jack Huston) and Messala (Toby Kebbell) embrace their family.136
9.1The Young Messiah (2016): Jesus (Adam Greaves-Neal) faces a Roman soldier.163
9.2Last Days in the Desert (2015): Yeshua (Ewan McGregor) rests with the Father (Ciarán Hinds) and Son (Tye Sheridan) as they build a new house.167
10.1Co-occurrence network depicting perceived attraction to biblical epic movies.184
10.2Regression tree predictive model predicting experience of the divine.185
10.3Chart illustrating the correlation between church attendance (per month) and experience of the divine.186
11.1The Last Temptation of Christ (1988): The Girl Angel (Juliette Caton) saves Jesus (Willem Dafoe) from crucifixion.198
11.2The Passion of the Christ (2004): Satan (Rosalinda Celentano) in the Garden of Gethsemane.204
12.1Ben-Hur (2016): According to the critics, Judah (Jack Huston) in the galleys looks more like George Harrison than Charlton Heston.215
12.2Ben-Hur (2016): Messala (Toby Kebbell) has become, as Judah puts it, like one of the statues that Rome insists on putting everywhere.219
12.3Ben-Hur (2016): This Ben-Hur allows for a melodramatic reconciliation that occurs in the nick of time rather than too late.224
13.1–2Risen (2016): Reminiscences of terrorism.236
13.3Risen (2016): Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) becomes a disciple.241
13.4L’Inchiesta (1987): In the film’s final shot, we see the corpse of Tauro (Keith Carradine) abandoned in the desert.243
14.1The Passion of the Christ (2004): Jim Caviezel as Jesus.251
14.2Ben-Hur (2016): Crucifixion of Christ featuring Rodrigo Santoro, used for some marketing materials including posters.253
14.3Hail, Caesar! (2016): Baird Whitlock/Autolycus Antoninus (George Clooney) struggles to squint against the grandeur.257

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The Bible onscreen in the new millennium

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