Unfolding Irish landscapes

Tim Robinson, culture and environment

Unfolding Irish landscapes offers a comprehensive and sustained study of the work of cartographer, landscape writer and visual artist Tim Robinson. The visual texts and multi-genre essays included in this book, from leading international scholars in Irish Studies, geography, ecology, environmental humanities, literature and visual culture, explore Robinson’s writing, map-making and art. Robinson’s work continues to garner significant attention not only in Ireland, but also in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, particularly with the recent celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his monumental Stones of Aran: pilgrimage. Robert Macfarlane has described Robinson’s work in Ireland as ‘one of the most sustained, intensive and imaginative studies of a landscape that has ever been carried out’. It is difficult to separate Robinson the figure from his work and the places he surveys in Ireland – they are intertextual and interconnected. This volume explores some of these characteristics for both general and expert readers alike. As individual studies, the essays in this collection demonstrate disciplinary expertise. As parts of a cohesive project, they form a collective overview of the imaginative sensibility and artistic dexterity of Robinson’s cultural and geographical achievements in Ireland. By navigating Robinson’s method of ambulation through his prose and visual creations, this book examines topics ranging from the politics of cartography and map-making as visual art forms to the cultural and environmental dimensions of writing about landscapes.

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‘Robinson comes across not only as a brilliant storyteller and interpreter of the landscape but also as intensely human. Thus, the contributors to Unfolding Irish Landscapes mirror Robinson's own practice: just as he unfolds the Irish landscape, revealing its history to his readers, so, too, do these scholars reveal Robinson to us.'
Leila Crawford, University of Otago
Irish Studies Review, Issue 24.4
November 2016

‘The volume is an impressive, ambitious and timely endeavor to chart the depth and range of the career of one of the most influential and original figures in the field of Irish Studies and the philosophy of landscape.'
Anne Karhio, National University of Ireland
Nordic Irish Studies

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