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in Conspiracy theory and American foreign policy

Conspiracy theory and american foreign policy

New Approaches to Conflict Analysis

Series editors: Peter Lawler and Emmanuel Pierre Guittet, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester

Until recently, the study of conflict and conflict resolution remained comparatively immune to broad developments in social and political theory. When the changing nature and locus of large-scale conflict in the post-Cold War era is also taken into account, the case for a reconsideration of the fundamentals of conflict analysis and conflict resolution becomes all the more stark.

New Approaches to Conflict Analysis promotes the development of new theoretical insights and their application to concrete cases of large-scale conflict, broadly defined. The series intends not to ignore established approaches to conflict analysis and conflict resolution, but to contribute to the reconstruction of the field through a dialogue between orthodoxy and its contemporary critics. Equally, the series reflects the contemporary porosity of intellectual borderlines rather than simply perpetuating rigid boundaries around the study of conflict and peace. New Approaches to Conflict Analysis seeks to uphold the normative commitment of the field’s founders yet also recognises that the moral impulse to research is properly part of its subject matter. To these ends, the series is comprised of the highest quality work of scholars drawn from throughout the international academic community, and from a wide range of disciplines within the social sciences.


Christine Agius
Neutrality, sovereignty and identity: the social construction of Swedish neutrality

Eşref Aksu
The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change

M. Anne Brown
Human rights and the borders of suffering: the promotion of human rights in international politics

Anthony Burke and Matt McDonald (eds)
Critical security in the Asia-Pacific

Ilan Danjoux
Political cartoons and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Lorraine Elliott and Graeme Cheeseman (eds)
Forces for good: cosmopolitan militaries in the twenty-first century

Greg Fry and Tarcisius Kabutaulaka (eds)
Intervention and state-building in the Pacific: the legitimacy of ‘cooperative intervention’

Naomi Head
Justifying violence: communicative ethics and the use of force in Kosovo

Richard Jackson
Writing the war on terrorism: language, politics and counter-terrorism

Tami Amanda Jacoby and Brent Sasley (eds)
Redefining security in the Middle East

Matt Killingsworth, Matthew Sussex and Jan Pakulski (eds)
Violence and the state

Jan Koehler and Christoph Zürcher (eds)
Potentials of disorder

David Bruce MacDonald
Balkan holocausts? Serbian and Croatian victim-centred propaganda and the war in Yugoslavia

Adrian Millar
Socio-ideological fantasy and the Northern Ireland conflict: the other side

Jennifer Milliken
The social construction of the Korean War

Ami Pedahzur
The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence: defending democracy

Maria Stern
Naming insecurity – constructing identity: ‘Mayan-women’ in Guatemala on the eve of ‘peace’

Virginia Tilley
The one state solution: a breakthrough for peace in the Israeli–Palestinian deadlock

Conspiracy theory and American foreign policy

Tim Aistrope

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